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Here is a bit of background as to how I have started spending all my free hours becoming bleary eyed reading web pages, and getting carpal tunnel from typing and retyping this initiative.

I am an online poker player and have been doing it for approximately 3 years. The mere act of playing online poker is either entirely legal or, at worst, in a legal gray area. I won some and lost some, and, over time, I became a much improved player. Overall my online hobby cost me considerably less than what my co-worker spent on his boat. I had my choice of a number of online sites and moved my play from one to another as I pleased. Funding was not a problem.

All this ended with the passage of the Ports Security Bill and the accompanying rider, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The UIGEA was aimed at denying funding options for offshore casinos and sports books, but had the unexpected effect of creating great difficulties for the online poker community.

After passage of this act a number of things began to happen. Some of the online sites disallowed US players. Many existing payment options were withdrawn. Eventually the largest ewallet, Neteller, disallowed all transactions with US players after being dropped from the ACH System. Neteller was heavily involved in casino transactions and sports betting, an activity clearly unlawful under current US statutes, as well as being an ewallet for poker players.

Now playing online poker is troublesome, and funding options are scarce, expensive, and risky.

I personally have no interest in either online casino gambling or sports betting. I am just a guy who wants to play poker at home when I don’t feel like making an hour drive to a cardroom or casino.  I am going to make a mighty effort to make safe, legal, and accessible online poker possible. At the same time this effort can be of great benefit to the drivers of the State of California.

Tony Sandstrom

PS: I am monumentally tired of the sorry state of the local streets too!

PPS: Online poker IS coming to the US. The question is when it will happen and who it will benefit. I vote for Californians to benefit.

Do you play poker online or want to give it a go?